positive sentiment: when she found out she d won i checked email did a little jump it s my 1st win anything helps slowly trying to pay down my any extra help is very appreciated i love the community givling promotes happy to think i m helping others by playing a game

negative sentiment: blackhistorymonth might be over but as sawgerrera reminds we have a long ride ahead of us explore chirruts prison paradigm because there is more than one type of prison a financial prison in a real one in homesteadsten




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negative sentiment: sorry but a clueless idiot bankofamerica is too big to fail during last global cmo crisis many where bailed out by the usgovernment they wont bail out btc ats the major difference otherwise financial markets would collapse and we would have ww3




positive sentiment: but one of the territory once held by these zero interest rates we passed a massive and by the way and we have great respect for steve king and have the strongest military that needs equipment all over i can tell you and the safety of our great heroes from ice

negative sentiment: jj_johnjohnson msnbc youre oblivious or just vested interest blind probably both assault weapons ban lapsed 2004 and 100m more guns in us yet gun violence decreased within us areas of higher gun ownership have lower rates of gun violence



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negative sentiment: republicans i m tired of your same old insanity cycle of destroying the economy then obstructing blaming democrats who have to fix the mess you created you exploded the with your decades of spending on tax cuts war we have to spend fixing your mess demvoice1 onev1




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negative sentiment: your corporate retreat is on but it s going to be weirder not ready to commit to in person events companies are trying to spice up remote gatherings employees bond over a virtual lunar disaster or 80s themed murder wsj business finance cfo




positive sentiment: silvermanjacob actually better idea why not just offer a collateralized debt obligation whose underlying security is itself a bundle of cat backed securities cbs and suit backed securities sbs et c that way you keep your stuff and just trade the fictitious value on the market

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positive sentiment: nithin0dha will definitely be of some help to u but won t help traders pls repeatedly request sebi_india to revisit intraday leverage rules from no rules to 25 is quite good remove systemic risk 2 great extent now from 1 sep not only systemic risk but traders will b out of system

negative sentiment: i wanna explain not only the model minority myth but labeling theory high risk policing areas systemic racism social conflict theory generational trauma how blue collar crime and white collar crime are treated differently and the statistics of black crime




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